Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Brittani Kline - Hitting the Ramp Since She Was 7!

Brittani Kline has gone on to become a household name, ever since her spectacular victory of the country’s most popular modeling contest - America’s Next Top Model.
Now that the 20-year old Beech Creek native has won the coveted title and has a volley of modeling contracts landing in her kitty, she recently opened up and talked about her rise to fame, and how it feels to be an overnight celebrity.
Brittani, who was a student at Lock Haven, before she auditioned for the series, said that it gets overwhelming at times. She’s always been a very private person, because of which she isn’t used to reading about herself in the tabloids, and being under the constant scrutiny of the media.
But then, I guess, that’s the price that you have to pay for fame! What Brittani loves best about her new life is that she gets to travel a lot.
She’s currently on a tour to Italy, where she’ll be modeling for Vogue. Brittani considers herself very lucky to be getting all these opportunities, but at the same time, knows all about the modeling world, and is aware that she’ll have to have a backup plan as well. Is that why she is so eager to return to school, once she’s done with her current assignments? I guess so. Ask where she gets all the knowledge about the modeling world from and you will have quite an interesting answer waiting for you.
Well, the aspiring model reveals that her mother has been taking her to runway shows, since she was 7! Looks like this one was a model in the making, from the time she could walk! Well, as we wait to see how life unfolds for Brittani, you can download America’s Next Top Model to catch up with the latest auditions.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Adrianne Curry’s Modeling Career Went Alright, Only Her Personal Life Slipped up a Bit!

After becoming the first winner on America’s Next Top Model in 2003, Adrianne climbed the steep steps to stardom, bagged all kinds of modeling offers, did everything right, but only failed at keeping her married life in check.
And, now things have slipped away, down the tumbling lane, out of reach, completely!
Adrianne and Christopher Knight married on May 29, 2006. Is it a co-incidence that their separation date is May 29, 2011? It could be; the couple, it means, stayed together for five years before leaving each other’s hands. It also means that they must have understood each other well.
Adrianne happens to be the first winner of the modeling show, which has recently been renewed for two more seasons. The sixteenth season has only recently ended, leaving Brittani Kline as the winner. You can watch America’s Next Top Model episodes online, and know these ladies better.
Knowing them better wouldn’t help you much, unless you have a different approach in mind, but knowing them would nevertheless let you enjoy the show, with all their charming presence and persona to fill your mind. It’s weird to know that their presence at home doesn’t often spark such charm and many a times leads to broken relationship – that’s something I fail to understand.
Well, it could become too skewed if I start explaining what went wrong; let’s just put it to rest by claiming that both the sides were responsible for whatever that happened, like it usually is the case.
Adrianne has had a great time working in films and TV shows, so we can always turn towards such things, than get sidelined by discussing her personal affairs.
Good luck Ms. Curry! You too, Ms. Kline!

Monday, 16 May 2011

America's Next Top Model Finale s16e13: Climactic Battle for the Crown Begins!

If one could think of advantages in every sphere of life, one would realize that the arena of beauty does hold significance to a great extent, and beauty pageants are its biggest examples. It is rightly said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. With a similar conception, came a reality TV series, America's Next Top Model that gave a platform to every aspiring American stunner, to prove her worth. 

When the America's Next Top Model kick-started in the year 2003, the creators wouldn’t have imagined that it would unfold such a long journey! However, the show is about to enter its s16e13. And guess what! This is going to be the finale! Yes, I can comprehend the amount of exhilaration that would be at its peak. 
ANTM cycle 16 episode 13 will feature the final two contestants left in the show, who will compete for the crown. And, after crossing all the hurdles, Brittani Kline and Molly O'Connell have reached the finale. And now, it will be their testing time to prove their worth. Let me tell you guys, the two ladies that have made it to the finale, actually deserved this place.

What with the amount of jitters that the two finalists must be going through! Well, I bet the two of them have pulled up their socks, and are ready to take on each other in the battle of glamour. The fight will begin with one phrase, which goes like:-
‘Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who is the beautiful of all’?

Cometh May 18, and you will see the sizzling beauties intoxicating you with their beauty and incredible presence of mind. During this installment, the girls will be shooting for a commercial, wherein, they will be putting their best foot forward to impress the judges of ANTM. This will be a treat to catch.

Get set, to travel on a roller-coaster ride that will take you into the realms of beauty along with brains.
Who will be the winner? Brittani Kline or Molly O'Connell? Find out for yourselves, as you catch this enrapturing finale!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

American Beauties Go Traditional in Morocco in ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 11!

Reality TV shows make good use of two of the constant virtues of mankind, the first being the spirit of competition and the other the desire to be known.

We have seen an awful lot, a big awful lot, of reality TV shows come up with a bang and fizzle out with equal velocity. But some shows have stayed put, for a long period of time as well.

Shows like America’s Next Top Model come to one’s mind, more often than not. Go deeper into the subject and analyze the reason behind success of such long running shows.

As long as shows can exploit the human desire to be at the top of the summit and the feeling of jealousy, it won’t go out of favor that quickly. For example, cycle 16 of the show, like the ones before, is able to capture the emotions displayed by the contestants in their truest and rawest form.

This episode is just another cog in the wheel. This time girls will be travelling to the scenic Menara Gardens for an exotic photo shoot. Before this, it will be a special shoot at the famed Jemaa-Al-Fnaa market in Marrakech.

Knowing the remaining four girls are heading to the famed Jemaa-Al-Fnaa market, right in the heart of Marrakech for a photo shoot as well as a sightseeing trip, viewers everywhere will be looking for a way to watch America’s Next Top Model cycle 16 episode 11 online.